Whether if its a middleware development, third party API/Solution integration or building a microservice, we at myntWorks build solutions which are progressive and cutting-edge.

Middleware development and integration

We offer services to build a middleware, which is an independent component to make applications interoperate with each other.

API integration

We help in integrating your systems with third-party solutions like payment gateways or any other solutions provider.

Micro services

myntWorks has hands on experience in building microservices which splits the software architecture into multiple coupled services. These services will run independently as well as collaboratively which helps in scaling the product.

Micro Services benefits

Micro services are light weight and easy to maintain. They are easy to deploy on to multiple nodes to increase the performance. Since these services have independent tasks, its easy to change their behaviour and deploy quickly in case of a change request.

End to End Integration process


Requirement analysis and existing system assesment.

Project Plan

Drafting a project plan, capturing the timelines and deliverables.


Framework selection and technical design documentation.

Development & Deployment

Developing the components and deployment.


Testing the individual components.

Integration Testing

Bringing all the interacting components together and performing integrated testing.