Our team of business analysts, UI/UX engineers, software architects help you in
defining functional and marketable aspects of your product concept and prepare a
technical document highlighting the technology, feasibility of the product.


Full fledged product development

We mould your ideas into marketable software product from the ideation stage, taking performance and scalability into account.

Standalone component development

We develop standalone features for an existing product or an additional feature to enhance your product usability keeping customization in mind.

Project refactor

In case you have a legacy product which needs a technology upgrade we offer code refactor services.


Requirements Documentation

We assign business analysts with domain knowledge to analyse, validate and document the functional and non-functional requirements, data flows, UI/UX components and prepare product scope and project vision.


We provide wireframes, architecture diagrams and data flows to acquire feedback at an early stage to evaluate and validate the solution before full-fledged development.

Product architecture

We analyse the product use case and suggest if the end product has any loose ends or any features which might be expensive.


Our team of solution analysts and architects translate your vision in to technology features, define product scope and rollout an MVP strategy. Then we develop and test a prototype, collecting feedback at early development stages, avoiding over-engineering and including only the features users really need.


As and when new features are built in to the product, we help you to seamlessly deploy the new changes with minimum or no downtime depending on the change request.


myntWorks uses various DevOps tools to ensure continuos build, deployment and testing of the product.