case studies

The Customer is a Interior Design company in Bengaluru. They specialize in Design Consultation and End to End Design Execution of residential and commercial spaces across India.


The Customer has operations distributed across multiple locations in India, they needed a solution for tracking projects in real time, tools where the design consultants can collaborate with each other and also with clients.


The solution delivered is a software product which helps in Project Management, Purchasing/Order Tracking, Accounting, Reports and a Dashboard with project status and deadlines. It comprises of two interdependent parts: an Android-based application and a website which are connected to a server side API engine.


Being experienced in the technologies used within the project the team successfully went through all development stages without facing serious troubles. Comprising a mobile app and a web app along with a API engine, the platform allows for design consultants to manage and collaborate on projects more effectively, thus enhancing the company's productivity. Same platform was extended to customers to view the dialy status of thier on going project.